26th May – 10th June

Inspired by, made from, rooted in ‘the earth’

Opening afternoon Saturday 26th May 12pm – 7pm – earth pigment paint making workshops for all ages at 2, 4 and 6pm


Earthlines is an exhibition of new and recent work by artists that draw inspiration from, and utilise materials of the natural environment.  It features a collaboration between two ‘earth workers’, Bridget Macklin and Candide Turner Bridger who have created work through an exploration of the North Norfolk coast and its geology.  They spent a lot of time together walking the coast path, collecting materials and exploring ideas in their different mediums. Also exhibiting is Nigel Skinner who creates his mixed media paintings with found, salvaged and recycled materials and for whom concerns about our treatment of the earth are paramount.  Through this work the artists encourage us to look beyond the surface and consider the inherent beauty of our natural environment.

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Bridget Macklin is a ceramic artist for whom geology is at the core of her practice: She works with porcelain, which she loves, mixing other materials – which she collects as she travels the countryside – into her vessels and then scraping back to reveal fantastic and colourful strata.

Beginning with thinly rolled coils and sheets of porcelain she delights in the repeated refining of her pieces, revelling in the challenge of taking risks with the materials, constantly striving to make the thinnest, most lustrous, delicious pieces that only reveal their full natures and hidden treats on close inspection. Adding texture, drawings, maps and hand written notes hint at a place or time of significance.

Blakeney Bowl by Bridget Macklin

Candide Turner Bridger is exploring earth pigments by grinding rock and earth to make her painting medium.  The resulting works evoke a sense of place, with subtle layering of colours and tones.

Candide began by grinding the array of red, yellow and gold ochres that she had gathered on the North Norfolk Coast Path.  She made over 20 colours of oil and watercolour paint.  She delighted in exploring the different properties of these pigments.  Some were transparent, some strong and staining, whilst others had a more granular consistency.  She wants to show the different textures and colours of the earth in these works; the detritus of different eras.

Sea Henge, by Candide Turner Bridger

The underlying theme in Nigel Skinner’s work is the notion of transformation or alchemy. He combines elements of the physical world with ideas relating to our collective myths and beliefs. Drawing on sources such as religion, philosophy, literature, art and that which is described as ancient wisdom or enlightenment. His work is predominantly created from salvaged and recycled materials. Earth, dust and gathered fragments are included as he attempts to achieve a greater understanding of humankind’s engagement with the world we inhabit. This work also alludes to a contemporary Norfolk landscape and our spiritual and artistic place within it.

Earthlines No.1 by Nigel Skinner



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