Christmas 2017 Exhibition

18th November – end Jan 2018

We are delighted to welcome some new artists to our Christmas exhibition including Guy Allen, Nicola Coe, Janet French and Carol Pask, who will be showing work alongside new pieces from gallery regulars and extended ranges of prints, ceramics and jewellery.


Guy Allen

Butterfly Study, Etching, Aquatint and Gold Leaf by Guy Allen

Guy was born in 1987 in Norfolk, United Kingdom. Today, he is a successful international artist.  He discovered his passion for print making during his time in Paris studying at the École Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux-Arts in 2010, when he became particularly fascinated with the traditional etching process. Following his graduation from Central Saint Martins School of Art in 2011, he moved back to Norfolk for 18 months, from where – despite now living and working in London – he still finds his inspiration.

An accomplished print maker, Guy Allen creates remarkable original prints. To create his pieces he has married the traditional technique of etching with a timeless subject matter and print-making process for a more contemporary twist. The stages involved in creating these original prints include etching, aquatint and the application of gold leaf.

We are delighted to be showing a selection from Guy’s recent ‘Fur, Feathers and Feelers’ collection of miniature etchings.  Each image is 8 x 8cm.


Nicola Coe

Nicola Coe is an Artist who uses photography and mixed media in her work.  She trained as a Fine Artist specialising in Photography and holds a BA (hons) in Fine Art.

Nicola uses the camera to ‘SEE’ and record the world around her, almost drawing with film. She started using Polaroid film about three years ago, as a means to revisit her background as an analogue photographer and since then all her images start their life within her much loved Vintage SX70 Polaroid camera.

All of her subjects Nicola ‘finds’… Souvenirs of nature…
Noticed, collected, significant and remembered: Collections of place and time.  A single feather, a dried seed head held against a winter sky or feathers found on strand lines shed by Gulls and held by the wind…
They are all memories…
Nicola works in two ways with her Polaroid images…

After scanning the original Polaroid, she prints her images on high quality archival paper, with a surface which allows her to use paint, pencil and thread as part of the original image…

Most recent work has found Nicola using the technique of emulsion lifting to fix her images onto backgrounds of watercolour … abstract memories of the landscapes and skies , under which the subjects of her imagery were originaly found, most often whilst deliberately walking the land for these natural finds.  The final compositions of all her work exist as ‘snapshots’ of the beauty that exists around us all…
Nicola hopes to drawer the viewer in to see something ‘more’ than an everyday view…
To be a witness to these objects of remarkable beauty in nature…


Janet French

The ideas and images in Janet’s current work are drawn from trees and the spiritual impact of light seen through trees.  Janet uses a variety of printmaking methods and handmade paper which she creates using leaves and fibres gathered from the local fields and woodlands on which her images are based. The varied surfaces she works on require different printmaking methods and she aims to create a symbiosis between print and paper by, for example, allowing the textured surface to break through the image or employing the translucent quality of the leaves by printing on the reverse and allowing the image to show through.  The leaves are gathered in autumn and processed using traditional papermaking techniques which she has developed to produce delicate sheets of leaf paper without the aid of added adhesives.  


Carol Pask

Carol Pask is a ceramic artist working in stoneware and porcelain combining traditional methods to create sculptural pieces, which are often fused with, metal, wood or slate. Carol’s main area of expertise is in the use of smoke and pit firing techniques. She seeks a balance between the controlled structure of the work and the chaos of the firing. These elements combine in the production of the finished form.

Carol studied Fine Art specialising in sculpture, at Norwich University College of the Arts. Since graduating with a BA (Hons) she has worked from her studio in Suffolk surrounded by glorious countryside.

Much of Carol’s work evolves as a response to both the beauty and fragility within the natural world

Silvi Debernardi returns with some new work following her debut in the summer. Her magical assembled boxes are a treat to behold.

Janice Galbraith has extended her range of folded paper sculptures and has also been making paper bead jewellery with a difference!

We also have new pieces from Kate Heiss, Annette Rolston and an increased range of limited edition prints.

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